April 19th, 2018

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Warning Signs In Caregivers

Below is a list of possible warning signs in a caregiver:

  • Isolates the senior from family and friends
  • Blocks the seniors’ access to receiving phone calls or mail
  • Misuses the seniors property and/or funds
  • Controls the decision making process and/or does not respect the seniors wishes
  • Tricking the senior into signing something that they do not understand
  • Threatens to place the senior into an institution
  • Denies the senior access to medical treatment or medical aids
  • Treats the senior like a child
  • Refusing to move out of the older person’s home when asked
  • Sharing the senior’s home without paying a fair share of the expenses
  • Theft, forgery, fraud, or misusing a power of attorney
  • Pressures the senior into giving them money or property
  • Insults, threatens, humiliates, intimidates, bullies
  • Rough handling during care
  • Pushes, shoves, hits, slaps, bites
  • Confines or restrains the senior inappropriately
  • Inadequate provision of food, liquids, clothing or shelter
  • Fails to attend to health and/or personal care needs, such as washing, dressing and bodily functions
  • Fails to provide social companionship, both within the family and with peers
  • Abandons and/or leaves the senior in an unsafe place
  • Persuades the senior to give up control of their finances or sign over their home