August 19th, 2017

If This Is An Emergency Please Call 911


Our network is made up of some very passionate people who believe that all Older Adults in Simcoe County should be able to live with dignity and respect, free from harm, and have come together to work towards that goal in a variety of different ways. Your attention to this subject is applauded and we hope that you too will take an interest in this cause and offer your help and support in whatever way you can.

Due to the continued growth of the network it has recently expanded to include a new South Simcoe Chapter. It is hoped that in the future Chapters will also develop in Orillia, Collingwood and Midland areas to enhance the established one in Barrie and ensure all corners of Simcoe County are represented. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Prevention of Senior Abuse Network – Simcoe County please complete our Membership Form

Member Expectations:

Members are expected to commit to at least two years on the network and can nominate themselves or others for other executive positions within the network.

  1. Commit to preparing for and attending meetings
  2. Commit to participation in network activities including participating, if possible, in at least one sub-committee/task group
  3. Have a good understanding of the network, it’s mission, goals and objectives
  4. Participate in discussion on issues pertaining to elder abuse during meetings to ensure all perspectives are heard
  5. Be respectful of all other members
  6. Be prepared to make decisions and to stick to the majority decision
  7. Support fellow network members in activities as necessary
  8. Act as an advocate for the network when necessary
  9. Attend external activities as representative of the network and be prepared to make a report back to the network, particularly when funded by the network.