July 21st, 2018

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a group of network members who have been appointed to act on behalf of the network and provide organizational direction and strategic planning. It has the power to make decisions and ensure these are carried out.  It consists of two co-chairs, an communication officer, an advocacy officer, and a Financial Officer.  The Regional Consultant of The Elder Abuse Ontario also sits on this committee. As the network develops other relevant positions will be added as necessary eg ad-hoc committee leads. It is hoped that as each Chapter develops around Simcoe County that chairs of these will also join the Executive to ensure representation from all corners of Simcoe County.  Members of the present Executive Committee:

Susan Douglas: Co-Chair

Jane Dutly: Co-Chair

Inga Thompson: Communication Officer

 To be invited: Advocacy Officer

Sue Douglas: Financial Officer

Laura Proctor: Elder Abuse Ontario Consultant

Ross Hart: Accessibility Officer